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Wood fences are still the most popular type of fencing on the market and Albany Fence Company is your choice for wooden fencing. A wood fence is affordable, provides privacy, and has a beautiful natural look that compliments your landscaping and other outdoor garden features.

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Wooden fence lumber At Albany Fence Company we only use the finest pressure treated pine to build your wooden fence. We choose superior wood because it has a very good guarantee. The high quality wooden posts come standard with a minimum 15 year warranty against termite and rot damage. Our horizontal posts and handrails are guaranteed for life against termite and rot damage. Your wooden fence is guaranteed to last a long time.


We use sustainable wood to build your wooden fence. The specifications we use are sourced from the according to code, meaning we will build your wood fence to the highest possible construction standards. The only difference is that we install most of our wooden fences with posts every 8ft instead of every 4ft unless otherwise specified.Our specifications include:

  • 1×6 pickets
  • 2×4 railing
  • 4×6 hinged gate post
  • 4×4 posts

Our goal is to give you get a strong fence that will stand up to the toughest conditions.


At Albany Fence Company, we build your wooden fence from scratch on site. We embed each post in concrete to prevent your posts from shifting or leaning.

We individually nail each board with hot-dip galvanized ring nails that will not rust or crack. This allows for a more stable custom construction than prefabricated panels.

Your wooden fence is durable. A plank-to-plank wood fence offers complete privacy with overlapping planks, while wood palisade offers privacy with planks that interlock but do not overlap. Shadowbox style wooden fences offer some privacy but are not completely opaque when viewed from an angle and therefore offer less wind resistance.

Although wood fences are not as durable as vinyl or aluminum fences, with proper preventive maintenance, wood fences can still look good for years to come. Coloring and impregnation protect the surface from weather, fading and climate change.

At Albany Fence Company, we offer all standard styles of wooden fencing as well as custom designed wooden fencing for customers who have specific ideas about the type of wooden fencing that will enhance their home.

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Outstanding service!!! The best fencing company we have worked with! I recommend them to all my new home buyers!
John A.
We have had a complete fence installed by Albany Fence Company and we have been so pleased. They do excellent work.!
Alicia P.
We love our new fence! It's solid and beautiful! And good value for money! ! They really delivered and cleaned up the setup!
Edward B.

Wood Fence Care & Maintenance Guide


While plastic fences require very little maintenance, Albany Fence Company’s wooden fences require maintenance to keep your fence looking perfect for many years to come. It is highly recommended to treat the fence with a sealer, stain or varnish to protect the wood from sun, rain and sudden temperature changes. Depending on the weather and the pre-treatment of the wood, wooden fences should ideally be sealed, painted or stained between 30 days and 6 weeks after installation. You don’t want to seal the fence right after construction is complete. If you allow 4-6 weeks, the wood may expand and contract with the amount of sunlight and temperature changes in your local climate.

Sealing a wooden fence creates a barrier against water. Available in clear or translucent finishes, wood finishes allow the wood’s natural beauty to shine through. We recommend using a wood finish that also contains UV stabilizers to reduce the effects of the sun. For lasting protection, the wood should be re-impregnated every year.

To stain a wooden fence, the wood must be completely dry.To determine if the wood is ready for staining, spray the surface with water. If the water starts to cut through, your wood isn’t ready to take the stain properly. Wait a few days and test again until no more water runs onto the wood surface. Choose a stain with the longest manufacturer guarantee. Make sure the stain also contains UV stabilizer and water repellent.

When painting a wooden fence, choose an alkyd oil primer. Every surface of the wood, including the cut ends, needs to be primed. Finished with two coats of the highest quality acrylic latex paint. As with staining, make sure the wood is completely dry before priming and painting. It’s good to do a spray test by applying a few drops of water to the wood surface.If any droplets appear, wait and try again in a few days. Color should be reapplied as needed to give a nice finish. Depending on the environmental conditions and the location of the wooden fence, this may or may not be annual.


Low-pressure cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner helps keep the wooden surface free of dirt and mold. Use a mild soap specifically formulated for cleaning pressure treated wood.Do not use high pressure cleaning methods and do not concentrate the pressure washer on one area. After cleaning, allow the fence to dry completely and reapply sealer or weatherproof stain.


Albany Fence Company will build you a wooden fence using only the best materials, including the fasteners. We only use hot-dip galvanized ring nails so that the wood does not rust or splinter. You should regularly inspect your wooden fence for any irregularities in the wood and fixtures.

When replacing wooden fences, treated wood should be landfilled or burned in commercial incinerators or boilers. Never burn fencing wood in an open fire, fireplace, stove or boiler.


Building a wooden fence with YellaWood means your fence line will remain beautiful and strong for many years to come. Intensive pressure treatment of wood acts as an inhibitor against wood rot, fungal rot and termite damage. The premium wooden fence warranty includes a minimum of 15 years on posts and lifetime protection for wooden fence posts and horizontal supports against potential wood disease.


Many factors determine the overall performance of a wooden fence. Great enclosure & The railway company recommends finishing the fence to provide additional protection for the wood from negative environmental influences. What natural properties of wood can you expect from a wooden fence?

Wood shrinks slightly when drying. Great enclosure & Rail builds the wooden fence in such a way that any gaps between the wooden elements are minimized.Other natural phenomena related to the properties of wood are grain-wise cracking, bending or torsion. These phenomena are determined from the original cut of the lumber to the level of moisture. The wood will naturally discolor. Treated wood begins to have a green tint, but as it dries the wooden fence fades to a faded brown or gray. By using a high-quality stain with UV protection and water repellency, you can get any wood color you want.

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