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Here at Albany Fence Company, we offer a wide range of decorative iron and wood electric gates. Whether for privacy, security or decoration, we will build an individual gate fence for you. We have extensive experience in the construction and installation of wooden or metal fencing, including walkways and barn gates, to ensure maximum privacy and security.

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In most cases residential gates are usually chosen for security, privacy and their aesthetics. Homeowners, typically choose from these following types of doors:

Swing Gates: These gates are by far the most popular types of doors for residential use.They can open inward or outward and in a single or double door configuration. They are simple to install and cost way less than automatic gate systems.

Wooden Driveway Gates: We design and install custom wooden driveway gates in different styles. Our wooden gates are durable and can also have heavy-duty metalcore. The gate’s core is wrapped in select-grade mahogany, red cedar, or other popular woods.The result is a door that offers great durability and resistance to rot and pests. Doors of this type are also popular as courtyard gates or yard gates. We create all kinds of styles including:

  • Wood & Steel Farm Gates
  • Historical Gates
  • Modern Gates

Metal Gates: We install custom metal gates to meet your aesthetic and functional needs. You can choose from hundreds of styles and designs of aluminum, steel and forged front gates.

Steel Entrance or Barrier Gates: We design and assemble steel entrance gates, also known as barriers or forged gates.These commercial doors offer the advantages of durability and security. If you are looking for entrance gates that will last a lifetime, steel is the ideal material. For commercial doors we recommend steel as it has a heavier frame. Steel is also difficult to break. Annual maintenance such as Regular maintenance, such as repainting where the paint has chipped or scratched, will keep this door in pristine condition to be enjoyed forever.

Aluminum Entry Gates: The lightweight, rustproof and maintenance-free aluminum entrance gates are ideal for everyday use. Here are some of the main reasons we as a door company recommend these doors:

  • Durable doors that won’t crack or peel.
  • High tolerance to weather, chemicals and corrosion.
  • You need less maintenance time.
  • Our aluminum entrance gates increase the attractiveness and security of your property. You can paint them whenever you want to update the look. Their light weight makes them easy to install, maintain and use.

Automatic Gate Entry: These are popular with homeowners for their many benefits.They save time, offer convenience and increase home security. Our team designs and installs bespoke automatic gates using the highest quality products. This electric entrance door gives you more control over traffic. Also, they save you or your family from getting out of the car or house to open the gate.

In addition to practicality, our automatic entrance gates offer the following advantages:

  • Increased security
  • Increased living value
  • Improved external appearance

When it comes to material selection, automatic entrance gates can be made of wood, aluminum, wrought iron or steel.Metal gates are more popular due to their greater strength, durability and ease of maintenance. Standard styling options we offer include:

  • Flat Entry Doors.
    Arched Entrance Doors.
  • Arch/plate gates with crowns.
  • You can also choose how your portal works.We can assemble sliding gates, self-supporting gates, double-leaf gates and swing gates.

Electric Gates: If you have a long driveway, our electric gates make a lot of sense. But that’s not the only reason to choose these easy-to-use gateways. Our electric entrance gate is equipped with various automation options. The options we offer as a gate company include:

An operator to open and close your gate without leaving your car or home.
Operate the gate remotely with a keypad or access card. Create a security system that suits your needs and preferences.
We also offer you the possibility to choose the material of your electric gate.

Self-supporting gates: The gates open on the counterweight system and move freely along the aisle. This makes them self-supporting gates easy to automate as they can easily function in situations where debris on the ground such as snow or a stick would prevent other gates from opening.

Rolling Gates: These gates are a great way to prevent access to your driveway and can be easily operated both manually and automatically. However, they do run on rails, so sometimes debris on the ground can prevent them from opening.

Here at Albany Fence Company of South West Georgia we offers a wide range of commercial and residential gate materials. You can buy a gate built with chain links, aluminum or steel, and if you want to make an impression you can also get a custom gate. If you’re not sure what type of gate and hardware you need, contact us today and we will help answer all of your questions.

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