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Have you ever dreamed of what your ideal home looks like? For many people, one of the most popular inclusions is the classic white picket fence. There’s just a warm, welcoming feel to these fences, which is one of the reasons they’ve been around for so long. But there are many other reasons to install one of these fences on your property. Let Albany Fence Company build your perfect picket fence today!

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Adding a white picket fence to your backyard will make your home look like it has been in the past. Your yard will have a more colonial look and you don’t even have to sacrifice the functionality of the fence to achieve that look. A white picket fence still offers a lot of protection and security, and unlike fences of the past that were made entirely of wood, you can now buy fences made of other materials, such as vinyl, that require less maintenance.


When spring comes, that means it’s finally time to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. For people who want to showcase the beautiful aspects of their outdoor landscapes, it becomes difficult when the fence restricts people’s view of the backyard. This issue does not affect White Palisade. While retaining the protective qualities of other fencing, a white picket fence allows others to see into your yard, meaning you can showcase all of those beautiful landscape features that you’ve worked harder to install than others, but happily if you choose to If you choose a white fence, it is one of the easiest fences to install. This makes installation quick and easy so you can start enjoying your fence straight away. Also, you can take care of other things around your landscape.

Building a traditional fence can help demarcate the property and increase the attractiveness of the home.There are many design options for pickets and these pickets can be set up individually or installed as pre-assembled pickets.

A palisade is a fence made up of individual posts that are spaced apart from each other. Picket spacing and fence height are options that can usually be configured for a specific fence. At Future Outdoors, we offer many different fence configurations to suit the needs of your home and landscape.


Our white picket fences are perfect for adding a beautiful detail to your home while keeping small dogs and children safe from running around.Our fences come with customizable locks so you can choose the level of security you want.


White picket fences can give you a sense of security and also make your yard design visible to all of your neighbors! White picket fences are one of the easiest types of fence for Albany Fence Company to build.

Why vinyl?When you’re looking for the best fence for your home, garden, yard, or ranch, look for a Future Outdoors® vinyl fence! Our fencing is the highest quality fencing available on the market, providing many years of maintenance free, useful protection and beauty for your property.

Contact us today to set up a no-obligation consultation with one of our product specialists. We will come to your home or wherever you wish to install fencing and conduct a site visit, explaining the options available and the products and designs that we believe will best suit your existing structure and landscape.

Outstanding service!!! The best fencing company we have worked with! I recommend them to all my new home buyers!
John A.
We have had a complete fence installed by Albany Fence Company and we have been so pleased. They do excellent work.!
Alicia P.
We love our new fence! It's solid and beautiful! And good value for money! ! They really delivered and cleaned up the setup!
Edward B.

Picket Fence Care & Maintenance Guide

Your fence can last for years and it is important that you get the highest quality fence right away to avoid costly repairs or security breaches. When you choose Albany Fence  Company you are guaranteed a durable and beautiful fence from a company that stands the test of time.

Albany Fence Company has installed fences of all shapes, sizes, and designs throughout Southwest Georgia and the surrounding area. Our custom vinyl fencing is not limited to white. We also use beige, khaki and our newest chestnut brown. Our installers are specially trained to provide the highest level of professional installation available in the industry today. We pride ourselves on training our teams in the latest installation techniques to ensure customer satisfaction and product longevity.That’s why we guarantee the assembly and finish of every fence we sell.

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