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Chain Link Fences in Albany, Ga

Chain link fences have been around for decades. Homeowners appreciate the versatility, low cost, low maintenance and durability of chain link fencing. Whether you are looking for a traditional galvanized wire mesh or one of the new vinyl coated wire mesh available in a variety of colors, Albany Fence Company  can install the perfect fence for you!

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The chain link fence is a great fencing choice for commercial projects due to its durability and affordability. Chain link fencing consists of twisted wire held together by metal posts and top and bottom rails.Depending on the desired look, we offer galvanized and colored wire mesh fences.


Galvanized: Galvanized chain link fencing is made of galvanized steel for strength and corrosion resistance. The galvanized finish gives the fence a shiny silver look. This type of fence is ideal for high humidity areas as the zinc coating helps protect the fence from the elements.

Powder Coated: These chain link fences are made of powder coated steel.The powder coating can be applied in a variety of colors and can be used to give any object a unique look. Paint coated chain link fencing is also more resistant to fading and chalking than galvanized chain link fencing.


Chain link fencing is often a popular choice due to its many benefits. One of the main advantages of chain link fencing is its durability. Chain link fences are made from galvanized steel, which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion, which is especially beneficial for properties in high humidity areas.

Another advantage of metal mesh fences is their low price. Chain link fencing is generally cheaper than other types of fencing materials. This makes it an excellent choice for those on a budget or for those who need an economical approach to fencing large properties such as schoolyards, kennels or sports fields.

Finally, chain link fencing offers excellent security benefits. The tight mesh of the wire mesh makes it difficult for intruders to enter, providing a strong deterrent to theft and other criminal activity.


The first step in the installation process is to mark out the area where the fence will be installed. The fence installer will then dig the post holes, place the posts and pour concrete over them. Once the fence posts are in place, the installer can secure the fence, followed by the top rail and gates.

Although the installation of the fence is relatively easy, if not done correctly, the fence may not provide the same level of security as it otherwise would. When you choose Discount Fence USA you can be assured that you are receiving the best quality workmanship, materials and customer service every time.

When repairs are needed, they must be done quickly to avoid further damage.This may include replacing damaged posts, tightening loose hardware, or replacing bent or broken links. When your chain link fence needs repairs, you can count on Discount Fence’s fence repair experts to get you back on track. If your fence is bent, cracked, rusted or the PVC coating is damaged, we can help!


Because of its relatively low cost and maintenance, chain link fencing is ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Their resistance to inclement weather and daily wear and tear make them an excellent return on investment.

At Albany Fence Company, our fencing installation experts will help you choose the wire mesh that best suits your needs. Discount Fence offers superior workmanship and materials when installing and repairing your chain link fence, ensuring it lasts for years. Contact us today to receive your free quote!

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We love our new fence! It's solid and beautiful! And good value for money! ! They really delivered and cleaned up the setup!
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Chain Link Fence Care

Chain link fencing maintenance is important to keep the fence nice and strong. The most basic fence maintenance is to remove any debris that has built up between the sleepers. Depending on the degree of soiling, this can be done with a broom or high-pressure cleaner. While chain link fences don’t require regular cleaning, they can help prevent rust and reduce the need for repairs.

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